Author: Komila Nabiyeva

Komila Nabiyeva is a freelance journalist, reporting on climate change and energy issues in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Based in Berlin, she closely follows and writes about the German Energiewende. Komila has worked as a communications consultant, moderator and trainer with several organizations, including the UN and political foundations.

Central Asia’s green horizons

Despite its huge potential in the region, solar PV has not yet gained traction in Central Asia. In Kazakhstan, two utility-scale PV projects have been realized, and a few are in the pipeline for Uzbekistan as it begins to attract international investors. But many challenges on the policy level have yet to be overcome, as Komila Nabiyeva explains.

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Energiewende movers: the federal states

Much of the success of the German energy transition depends on the support of the country’s 16 federal states. A new study shows which German federal states are leading and which are slowing down the development of renewable energy. Komila Nabiyeva summarizes the findings.

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Kazakhstan Goes Renewable

The Kazakh government has set out to modernize its fossil fuel-dependent economy, often in cooperation with German partners. The country is home to ample supplies of both uranium and renewable sources of energy. Whether it can stay its ambitious course and sustain green developments to meet its targets for 2050 remains to be seen, reminds Komila Nabiyeva.

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Bad Press for Renewables

The German word Energiewende has yet to be adopted in Russia, where analysts are skeptical about the German energy transition. There the media presents it as an interesting but rather bizarre experiment which only a rich country like Germany can afford, finds Komila Nabiyeva.

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